Mezcal Paloma || Stuff + Things ||

It is Cinco de Mayo Friends! Besides the state of Puebla, Mexico does not celebrate this day as much as the US (and maybe Canada), where avocados are at peak prices and the tequila shelves are bare! 

M A K E  ||  This mezcal paloma cocktail! <–––– Check out the quick video I made for you lovely people to watch!

W A T C H  ||  OUTLANDER! I was so ill last week I could barely move, so I lived an alternate life through the two first seasons of Outlander. It's embarrassing how obsessed  I became with the show and particularly Jamie Fraser. So obsessed that I dreamed of Outlander nightly, obtained the third book within hours of finishing the second season and googled time travelling plus my own personal history connections to Scotland in the 1700s. (I do in fact have some which I feverishly deduced that I lived a past life as one of my own ancestors and married a very strong handsome Scottish man who may or may not have been named Jamie). My boyfriend seemed unconcerned. He was clearly in denial of the sick delusions that had consumed me.  The show is like a mix between Downton Abbey + Game of Thrones. Sounds perfect yes?

S L E E P  ||    I bought these new bedsheets made from bamboo and my GOD they are fantastic! The softest silkiest things that I've ever laid my body on. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and get softer with every wash.

R E A D  || This article on Other Places To Live in Canada Besides Toronto. But for real though, Canada needs more cool cities. Montreal is the sh*t (in the summer), but ain't nobody got time for that much snow and cold.  

E A T  || Some tacos or these tostadas and drink some palomas + margaritas! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

L I S T E N  || Seventeen by Sjowgren has been playing loudly on repeat in my house and earphones lately... But I'll listen to it again if you want to come dance with me, yeah?

Hope your week is filled with friendly faces and guacamole!

Meg xx