Easter Eggs ||

LISTEN || YOUNG FATHERS, Edinburgh hip hop/pop group. Their                 beats are addictive and fun and make you feel things.                     Songs: Shame, Only God Knows, Rain or ShineSoon                     Come Soon


READ ||  DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch. OMG this book felt like               new relationship infatuation. I desired it every moment I               was away from it. Parallel universes, quantum physics,                   suspense and action. What's not to love?

MAKE || Easter eggs with natural dyes. 


PLANT || Spring has sprung. Fact– Plants make us happy. So go get                a new plant, indoor or out. If you lack a green thumb,                    this article has hard to kill plants that also purify your                  air. win-win. 


FOLLOW || This Instagram account Urban Jungle Blog that makes                     me swoon. Surprise, it's MORE plants!


Tell me, what are you daydreaming about this Spring?  

Have a lovely plant-filled week! 

Meg xx