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Fresh Eucalyptus || DIY steam room. Make your own eucalyptus steam inhalation with fresh eucalyptus or essential oils. || Stuff + Things ||

H E A L || I was sick with a congestive/respiratory cold last week and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite home remedies and DIY spa treatments. Turning your shower into a steam room!     

Spray your shower walls with cold water. Splash a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on each wall. Turn on the shower to a very high heat. Close the door for a few minutes and let it steam up. Turn down the shower to a comfortable hot temperature, hop in and enjoy!

The eucalyptus steam helps break up phlegm and drain mucus. You can use this steam room method with any other essential oils that might be nice like lavender, lemon, pine, rosemary or mixing your own combination. 

M U S I C || Leon Bridges new album Good Thing is out. Soul music has been a heavy addiction throughout my whole life. I'm currently hooked on Bad Bad News (cannot. stop. dancing. when this is on.) and Bet Ain't Worth The Hand (super sexy slow song). 

P O D C A S T  || This episode about sleep and dreams on The Joe Rogan Experience (#1109 with Matthew Walker) is so good I might listen to it again. The most recent science on sleep, why we sleep and dream, and a ton of other interesting information regarding our current social institution of being overworked, under slept and how we pride ourselves on it. It repeatedly blows your mind throughout the entire talk.

T R A V E L || An article with some very cool and unique hotels around the world that range from free to reasonably priced, because not everyone can afford the water bungalows in Bora Bora we see on Pinterest (they're over $1000 per night btw). There's an old bookstore in Paris (free), a human nest in Big Sur and the last one is a replica of a human anus. Yes, a human anus.

W A T C H || A lava wave eat an entire car