M A K E || These Montreal bagels from My Second Breakfast. My friend sent me the recipe (Jewish + loves bagels, therefore an expert) after I visited her home and ate them with her fresh churned butter. Yes, she's basically a goddess. They are sooo good and I've eaten an unreasonable amount.           Recipe notes as per my Jewish Bagel Goddess: I used bread flour instead of all purpose and baked them for a couple minutes longer on each side until they were golden brown. The everything bagel spice is this one from The Kitchen Whisperer plus I added 2 tablespoons of caraway seeds and mixed them all together raw, no toasting. 

W A T C H || A video on the pinkest pink paint ever made. This guy has also made the yellowest yellow and the greenest green. But the pinkest pink is where it's at!                                                         Quote:  “I've been painting since I was five years old and I've seen a lot of pink. Thousands and thousands of people have used the pink and nobody's said they've seen a pinker pink. This stuff's really pink. I've created the pinkest pink..."   Pink count: 7. That's a lot of pink.  

F E E L || Like you're on drugs. This video called Galaxy Gates is a dreamlike experience made from paint, oil and soap (turn on sound). I want to touch it. I want to smell it.  I want to dive into. I want to let it carry me away. I want to be it. 

R E A D || Why you have so much diarrhea when you're on your period. I'm sorry you may come here for food and now you found poops. But now we know, because weren't we all curious about it?

M O V E || Yoga With Adriene is changing my life. Do you know her? If you don't, trust me, you want to. I've never been good at doing a yoga practice or other exercise at home until now. She has yoga for everything under the sun and her videos come in all lengths from five minutes to an hour. She is also the most beautiful soul and I am so grateful I found her.