Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Banana Bread from Half Baked Harvest || Stuff + Things ||

M A K E || This chocolate chip almond butter banana bread by Half Baked Harvest. It rivals all the best banana breads of my life. 

R E A D || The Disease of Being Busy. It will do you good. Take a moment for some introspection. How is your heart doing at this very moment? Tell me you remember you are still a human being, not just a human doing.

D R I N K || This Pineapple Kombucha Light + Stormy! My feeling is that the kombucha balances the rum in this cocktail making it a neutral not-unhealthy-drink. Right? RIGHT?!

W A S H || Your face in honey. For real guys, I use raw honey to wash my face. Honey is antibacterial (helps prevent blemishes) and a natural preservative so it's great for skin (and less wrinkles). You can use it for individual pimples as well by dabbing a bit on individual blemishes. Raw honey is best since it hasn't been processed and often comes a little thicker providing a gentle exfoliation. You only need a little so it lasts a long time and ends up costing less than I was paying for natural face cleansers that still had added ingredients I was unsure about. You can add a couple drops of essential oils to your face honey (lavender or rose work well) for an added scent and relaxation bonus. 

E A T || Imanishi in Little Portugal. This place is down the street from my apartment and I are their last night for the first time and it. was. amazing. The concept is Tokyo homestyle cooking so the food is comforting but refined. The cocktails are unique, the atmosphere chill and lovely (less party atmosphere than other izakayas),  and the food. Ohhh the foooood. It's full of umami and you leave feeling joyously full but not weighed down.                                                                                                             Ate: agedashi eggplant, gai lan in ground sesame dressing + katsuo-bushi flakes, octopus + fresh celery in almond oil, garlic, + ginger, red snapper carpaccio with yuzu citrus dressing, waygu beef in onion broth with rice and finally the taro root ice cream with toasted soba.                                                                                                 Drinks to try: An array of Sake, Umehana cocktail [tequila, plum wine, jasmine tea, orange bitters], Japanese beers, + Chu-Hi's. Chu-Hi's are easy drinking cocktails made from shochu, a Japanese spirit similar to vodka but about half the percentage in alcohol. The Aloe-Hi is usually my first pick, made with aloe juice and little bits of aloe jelly. 

Hoping your hearts are calm and cravings are satiated,

Meg xx