Oaxaca City, Mexico || Stuff + Things ||

H E L P || Mexico has always felt like a magical place to me. The people, the colours, the terrain, the culture, the history– it's stunning and holds a place in my heart. The people are some of the most wonderful souls I've ever met and have been welcoming and good to me every single time I visit. To help out with the earthquake relief you can donate here to Global Giving where 100% of donations go to providing immediate relief with the remainder to long-term recovery support. The Mexican Red Cross is also taking donations and they have set up an Amazon Wish List for essential items such as toothbrushes, diapers and blow up air mattresses (prices are shown in pesos). A little bit goes a long way. 

R E A D || Before The Internet from The New Yorker. This article made is nostalgic, happy, kind of sad and so good. I love technology and the internet, but it's important to remember how we filled our time before screens were the majority of what we looked at. Could we make a point to try and cultivate some of these small and very real moments? “Before the Internet, you’d have yawning summer afternoons when you’d flop down on one couch, then flop down on another, then decide to craft a fake F.B.I. card. You’d get some paper from your dad’s office, copy the F.B.I. logo and your signature, laminate it with Scotch tape, put it in your wallet, take it out of your wallet, look at it, then put it back in your wallet with a secretive smile."

L I S T E N || How To Stop Playing Small – a podcast episode from Hashtag Authentic by Sara of Me and Orla. She is a beautiful creator and her podcast is helpful for people using blogs, instagram, or any kind of social media. This episode is my favourite because it goes deeper than how-to information; it made me stop and think about the ways I play small and prevent myself from opening up to the world. A good listen for any creative and particularly women. 

W A T C H || Jim Carrey: I Needed Color. People are saying he's crazy now but I think he's more sane than most. He's real, he's raw, he's unafraid to say what he thinks, he freely expresses himself and he doesn't give a shit how anyone feels about him. Fuck yes Jim. Fuck. Yes.

M A K E || I've made these coconut curry meatballs with spiralized vegetables more times than I can count now and I think you need them in your life. Definitely add some fresh lime juice to the curry to give it some acidity and balance the dish, and you can always substitute the ground beef for chicken, turkey or even vegetarian “meatballs" like these which are lentil based.