olive fougasse (top left), potato cheddar bread, everything bagels from  Fairmount Bagel , white chocolate brioche  “ mushrooms", chocolate l'ecolier, butter croissants, and and almond frangipane croissant. 

olive fougasse (top left), potato cheddar bread, everything bagels from Fairmount Bagel, white chocolate brioche mushrooms", chocolate l'ecolier, butter croissants, and and almond frangipane croissant. 

V I S I T  || I took a trip this week to beautiful and vibrant Montreal where I stuffed my face with  plates of food and glasses of wine. The bread and pastries (above) are from Guillaume bakery across from Parc Lahaie where you can sit fountain-side and savour your coffee and treat. You must must must try the brioche champignon (“mushroom") with hidden chunks of white chocolate ready to surprise and delight you. My new favourite restaurant is Larry's where I ended up for dinner twice because we were smitten with all their small plates of vegetables, seafood, meats, ciders and martinis. The place is small, the lights are low and the vibe is sexy. Also a great restaurant for a solo meal with many spots at the bar. I am very determined to recreate a carrot and muhammara dish I had there that I would order for my last meal on earth. Carrots! Boring old carrots. Nah uh, not anymore. Carrots are no longer the mushy limp-penis of a vegetable your granny used to roll onto your plate. They're seductive and shameless now. Click here for more places to love in Montreal. 

S L E E P  || I napped daily (important for any vacation) while in Montreal. This article on napping explains how the length of a nap is important for your particular needs that day. I love a good power nap followed by a green tea. #refreshed

D A Y D R E A M  || Can we all just go to Portugal and live a lovely European life for a minute? Olaiya from Milly's Kitchen hosts travel retreats I've been pining over for awhile now. This one to Portugal looks amazing! I love Olaiya and I love this post; she speaks about the transformative power of travel and how we can become preoccupied by work and “real life". Travelling reminds us how diverse and and strange and fascinating this world is. Let's do it more. And then again after that.

R E A D  || This is really great interview with Aziz Ansari. He's chilling in Europe right now enjoying the simple pleasures of life, has completely removed himself from social media and is just going with the flow. We would definitely get along. Yo Aziz, if you read this call me!

E N E R G I Z E  || Being sensitive to other peoples' energy is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it's hard to cultivate your own energy and not take on the energy of others. This list on How To Stop Absorbing People's Energy has many good practices and reminders for us vibe sensitive humans.

R E L A X  || Have we talked about ASMR? Well it's high time we do. Wikipedia says, “Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia". About 5 years ago I found youtube videos proving more people than myself were experiencing this sensation. I never knew how to put it into words but a head-gasm would be closest. My “triggers" (as ASMR people say) are whispering, speaking softly, the sound of writing, drawing, or typing, and doctor appointments. It may seem fetishy at first because there are many soft speaking ladies running their fingernails along things or pretending to be your nurse, but I swear it's not sexual. Well at least not for me. The world fades away and waves of tingly soft energy flow through my head and spine. It helps people with anxiety, depression, insomnia and with general relaxation. The videos can lead to the deepest and weirdest youtube rabbit hole so here are some of my favourite AMSR artists and videos to get you started.

Maria aka Gentle Whispering ASMR is the queen and I want to be her bff irl. Visit the ASMR Doctor to Test Your Senses. Go for a Suit Fitting Session. Take out books with your local Librarian.

WhispersUnicorn is amazing and recently did this gynecology exam which initially I was like, Whoa! This is NOT going to be relaxing. But it is and I fell into a deep slumber while getting my vulva inspected. 

I love Angelica because besides the soothing voice, she is eccentric and every video she's playing a character. She does ASMR videos from different times in history and she's imitated Sigmund Freud, Frida Kahlo and even Hitler (which I didn't want to get relaxed by but still did and now I feel bad about it).

I'm not usually into males doing AMSR because I don't find them as soothing but ASMR Power Of Sound always relaxes me and he'll draw weird portraits of you and measure your face for a mask. Just what I always wanted. 

May your naps be peaceful my friends.