megan brick wall

Hi! I’m Megan and this is Cream and Honey (which is how I take my coffee if you ever see me in a coffee shop and want to buy one for me. I really like when people buy me things so don't hesitate).

Why did I start this blog? Mainly just to DO something. Something that seemed mildly productive in my time off from my bill-paying job. 

Why a food blog? Do you like food? Yes! I do like food! Along with all the other humans and animals of planet Earth. Since the day my mother vaginally birthed me (go Mom!), I have always liked eating. Ironically, I ate only dairy (breast milk) for the first few months of my life and now I don't even like milk that much. Huh. Because I enjoyed eating meant I had to learn how to cook. So I did. And very poorly for a long time. Or maybe not always poorly, but just boring. I ate a lot of pasta, bowls of yogurt and I've probably eaten one million plates of eggs and toast (although it's still one of my favourite things to eat). Also salads upon salads upon salads. And some made no sense because I was trying to use up things in my fridge and didn't understand flavour combinations. Hot tip– broccoli , dried bluberries and catalina dressing does not a good salad make. 

Then I grew up. Into what they call an adult! I currently work in the restaurant industry as a server in Toronto. No marriage, children or even a “real job" but in medieval times I would be considered wise and ancient. I would also be considered a beer wench and a baron spinster. I needed something else to do besides worry about if I'll ever get a real job, what a pension is and how I can get one, and why that person was so angry that they're meat was medium rare when they “specifically asked for in between medium rare and medium". Medium-medium-rare? I don't know, is that even a thing? 

Enter blog world. A vast expanse of nothingness where I talk to myself a lot and basically say whatever I want because almost no one I know in real life ever reads my posts. I also take photos! Of food, places, or anything I find beautiful or interesting. Also of myself with limes for eyeballs.


Or chewing bubblegum and looking very surprised!   “Whoa! Look at me go!!!"

drinking coffee

  Or mysteriously drinking a cup of coffee (or                 whiskey) against a brick wall backdrop. Jk! It's a            real brick wall!

Yes, I could take seemingly unexpected photos of myself all day. But I'm just glad you're here to see them. I'll tell you stories of my life, express my awkward thoughts or get weirdly deep into my feelings that usually have nothing to do with the recipe. It's sometimes embarrassing or cringey but I don't know what else to do because life is a strange place. And sometimes I question mine and all of our existences. Also time loops, like in Groundhog Day. But don't feel bad for me! I'll be dead one day and so will you and none of this will mean anything. 😃–––>😲–––>👻–––>🦄

Have a great day questioning why we are all here!!!! Welcome to my brain. Also, I'm sorry for any anxiety I may have triggered. 

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– Megan xx